An All-inclusive Guide To User Testing

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When it comes to web design, one must focus on ‘ User Testing ’ always. Testing Usability is as crucial as building and maintaining a website.

user testing |

Understanding Usability

Usability is precisely a quality characteristic that measures user-friendliness of user interfaces. The term also refers to techniques used for improving ease of use while designing a website. Usability testing involves the following listed 5 components:

  1. Learnability – The ease of use for users to complete basic tasks right from the first time they come across the design.
  2. Efficiency – The speed at which experienced users can accomplish tasks.
  3. Memorability – Whether the user remembers how to use it efficiently later on once he/she return to design after a specific period of not making use of it. Is it important for the user to start off with learning everything all over again?
  4. Errors – How many errors do users make, how severe are these errors and how easily can they recover from the errors?
  5. Satisfaction – Is the user love using the system?

The Significance of Usability

The usability test aims at classifying usability issues, collecting quantitative data on the basis of performance of participants base on time on task, error rates and decide user satisfaction with the website.

In short, in case, a website is very tough to navigate or fail to clearly express a purpose, the users will leave without wasting time. So testing sites are important to make sure users don’t leave. Some may consider usability testing as a daunting task. However, the truth is that it can be done once you know the procedure well. The process can be comprehensive and very expensive if you aren’t aware of what you’re testing for or trying to discover.

Most people consider monitoring usability as a waste of time.

Usability Tools and Tricks

Since past 10 years, the marketplace has been flooded with services and tools offering usability testing. This huge number of choices offered can be overwhelming and immensely confusing for customers.

Here’s a list of some of the best vendors to assess prior to making a final decision:

Quantivo – It works via using behavioral analytics for discovering the most recent behavioral patterns displayed by their clienteles, either online or offline, marketing, sales, customer service, varied touch points.

Userfly – Supplies prompt web user based studies via keeping a record of visits by users visits and allowing users to the recording to observe the movement of mouse and interaction (click and form).

OpinionLab- It offers feedback system which is page-specific and opt-in client. The service allows most of the top brands across the globe to gather, manage, and control input coming from all involved consumers.

Five Second Test – This test facilitates users to test usability. It will further help you to measure the efficacy of designs.

ClickTale – This is a subscription-based tool committed to tracking scrolls and clicks, mouse moves, creating playable customer videos of all browsing sessions, and dynamic visual heat maps. It will also create behavioral reports complementing customary web analytics.

Chalkmark – This is a typical ‘pay-as-you-go’ service. It allows users to run tests on User Interface prototypes for giving answers to any questions related to usability.

Feedback Army – This is an affordable service that allows users to submit queries about their website. It will also receive ten responses from reviewers.

ClickHeat – This is an open source platform. It supplies a visual heatmap of clicks. The heatmap is displayed on HTML page which further shows click zones (both hot and cold).

In the meantime, it’s essential to prompt yourself about usability testing as a vital part of website development. It should not be treated as extra-curricular. Usability testing serves as a crucial design component. It can facilitate you to give an edge to your website. Regardless of the time or money put to one side for testing, a freelance php developer must allow a website left to grow stale.

In a Nutshell

Remember that a website is a living, kicking, and breathing creature. It lives on feedback. Relying merely on users for input is not wise. This means internal users must steadily use their websites for boosting their functionality. At the end not engaging with website regularly will waste all of the hard work you invest in designing and developing it.

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