Top Digital Marketing Trends Ruling 2018

digital marketing

Right time, Right hashtag, Right audience. The right amount of uniqueness. Welcome to the world of

Digital Marketing!

If you have successfully created a buzz amongst people regarding your brand using the above ingredients, you have kick-started your journey as a digital marketer. However, you will need to understand that the trends in this industry become obsolete as quickly as you see an ice-cube melt. Trends that are all the hype one year will not necessarily be in the following year. Keeping yourself updated with the most recent happening in the field is the key to become a successful digital marketer. Universities across the world have now started offering courses in this field and businesses are making hefty amounts of profits by relying on digital marketing as their choice for branding.

digital marketing

However, coming up with unique campaigns is not enough. If you design a campaign that is capable of breaking the internet but you do not get your message across to the right audience at the right time, do not be surprised if it fails miserably. Nowadays, almost every second person has a social media account and companies like EarthLink with their packages like Xfinity Double Playmake it convenient for users to browse the various sites easily.

However, the moment the users start to lose interest in a particular trend, it is time for the company to adapt to the latest ones. Some of the top trends in the digital marketing world for the year 2018 are as follows:


There was a time when chatbots were nothing but clunky, robotic machines. However, they are all the rage these days with features that allow them to connect with customers across the world allowing them to solve their issues. A study revealed that by the year 2018, 20% of the business content could be machine generated. Well, this could be true as more and more businesses are now relying on chatbots to interact with their customers quickly in a way that feels personal to them as well. As the technology advances, chatbots are becoming more human-like as well.

This has been possible by induction of Artificial Intelligence in this technology that enables businesses to chat with their customers in real-time. In fact, many people find it more convenient to interact with a chatbot than a human customer representative as the former is believed to be prompt in answering the queries and does not lose patience. Moreover, chatbots retain customers’ information so they do not have to start anew with every interaction. A very famous example of a company that has employed chatbot is Uber. It has, therefore, become easier for the people to hire cars.


I am sure many of you, if not all, have come across or are following accounts on Instagram where a woman is uploaded glamorous pictures of herself in breathtaking clothes and accessories every day. Doesn’t it sound like a dream job? Well, this woman is the definition of an influencer in the world of digital marketing. Influencers have thousands of followers and brands employ them to get a word for themselves. However, what you need to know here is that not only do the celebrities qualify for the role of an influencer, but famous bloggers, journalists or YouTube stars can assume this role as well. They help in creating a positive image of the brand by interacting with their huge network of followers and convey to them the things they love about a particular brand or a specific product. However, the brands need to be careful when employing influencers as building meaningful relationships with them has to be the key.

Video Ads

According to YouTube, every year there is a 100% increase in the consumption of mobile videos. Studies have also revealed that customers are 64% more likely to buy a product after they have watched a video regarding it. Hence, it is crucial for brands to incorporate videos into their digital marketing strategy. However, it is important for the video to catch the attention of the viewer in the first three seconds. If the video fails to do so, the campaign will fail as a whole. Therefore, it is important to make clear objectives before employing videos in your campaigns.


To ensure customer delight, companies need to learn the art of personalization. The customers love it as it means that their queries are been addressed to exclusively. While many of you would think that sending a personalized e-mail is all that comes under the umbrella of personalization, the reality is a bit different. Personalization is more than sending a mere e-mail to a customer addressing him/her with his/her name rather than sending a general e-mail to everyone. It has to do with collecting customer data like purchase history, links clicked and consumer behavior which will aid you in understanding the consumers’ liking and what is it that they are looking for.

If you are able to successfully induct these trends into your digital marketing campaigns, your business will flourish. Remember that digital marketing is all about creating a unique experience for individuals. Long gone are the days when people use to subscribe to services like Optimum Triple Play to watch shows and movies. Advertising on television was the in-thing back then. Now smartphones, laptops, the internet and sites like Netflix have lowered the importance of televisions to the point that I am afraid they will become obsolete in the near future.


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