What Is the Right Link Building Strategy 2018?

Link building is said to be one of the most critical aspects to achieve higher rank in the search engines. The current status of link building is that it still kicking, and it is very much alive. Link building is one of the challenging aspects of the SEO and it has got a huge impact on the ranking of the website in the SERP.

Link Building Strategy

It is true that Google’s ranking keeps on evolving but presently there is hardly any better way other than this to measure the trust that others place on your content and the authority of your content on the web.

In fact, Google has already confirmed that links are the number one factor for ranking apart from the quality content.  Achieving the ranking without the link is quite hard and attempts to rank without links have most often turned into futile efforts.

So now that you know that link building is a priority, here are a few tips or link building strategies that have proven to be effective and can help you to achieve the desired results. Just read on.

  • Guest Blogging

    – This is one of the avenues for attracting new traffic to your website. It is industry-specific and relevant and gives you the opportunity to brand yourself as a thought leader and industry expert. Blogging on your own site is super great. But if you can post on a site that has millions of traffic you can easily draw more traffic to your website that will be difficult to access otherwise. There you can create backlinks to your site. You can write an intriguing article for publication. In exchange for that, you can get valuable links. That is why you should go for guest blogging in high profile sites.  You should not waste your time in writing for sites with no authority.  Guest blogging happens to be a give-and-take endeavour. You can provide a great article that takes effort and time and in exchange get the reward backlinks to your site. So, it can be said that there is no easier technique than using guest blogging in order to create great backlinks.

  • Offer Testimonials – Testimonial link building happens to be a win-win situation. Most businesses offer the chance to say a few words about the experience for using the products that they offer. It is a great way to build the customer trust. This one is a great chance for you to get potential traffic and backlink from the site and it comes with a much higher rate of approval than your standard link request emails. So, the companies get a new testimonial to place on their site while you get a new backlink.


  • Mention the Name of Influencers in the Posts –

    Most of us have gone through blog posts like the “The Top 5 Hackers of the World” or the “Top 10 Richest Industrialists of the World”. Those who write those articles do that for a reason. These are exciting, and they gain more links. This is because the influencer who is mentioned in the post is going to share it if he or she likes it. And thus, a backlink is generated almost automatically this way. So, it is almost a cycle of link building that happens every time. Bu when you are writing an article like this with the work of the top influencers or hot shots, you should ensure that the quality of the article is top-notch. Gaining links is not a very fast process. But if you use techniques like these, it is going to speed it up. All you have to do is mention influencers and praise them in a convincing and qualitative manner and you can get backlinks for yourself.


  • Sharing on the Social Media

    – Link building through the social media has been considered as one of the most popular methods of link building. You should use the social listening tools for finding the right audience in the social media. You should find out the platforms that can gain your brand mentions and focus on those first. Search for the signs of the engagement such as comments likes and try to ideate the topics that can engage the audience. Tailor the content according to your audience’s choice. After that publish the content and your audience will share it if you have created it in the right way. Remarket the content like retweet it every day for the first weeks and share it on the other platforms as well so that readers who have missed in the first week can catch a glimpse of it later.

The above are some of link building strategies that are and will be in trend throughout 2018. These are mentioned by the experts of the reputed PHP development services in India who have been in the industry for many years now and have the apt knowledge to build effective buckling that yield results.

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