3 Mistakes to Avoid In Web Design for Higher Conversion Optimization

Higher Conversion Optimization

Last month I was asked for an evaluation of a company’s website for its efficiency and limitations. The company was a New Zealand based business offering web development services in Auckland and Christchurch. The problem faced by the company wasn’t much about the traffic (they were actually receiving a steady flow of traffic to their website), but about the conversion rate. Audience landing on the website was not converting; instead, the traffic was leaving to never return again.

Interestingly, the website was professionally built however, there were certain loopholes that were stopping conversion rates. As often the case, there wasn’t one particular blunder that was holding the business back, rather the plethora of small neglected elements that contributed to making the website sterile and generic.


Here’re some obstacles that were restricting the conversion rates of the site:

–           Content Optimizations

The first thing that I noted was the absence of optimized content. For some weird reason, the business had used minimal content on their site. The homepage consisted of just a few lines that describe the business as New Zealand based web development firm offering services in Auckland and Christchurch. There was no mention of a particular niche, or expertise of the business and how they are different (how they can bring value to clients) from hundreds of other businesses.

This is a prevailing problem that had its roots in a common misconception on companies’ behalf that customers don’t like to read lengthy content. In fact, some companies intentionally limit the information on their website just out of the fear of customers’ getting too familiar with the concept and won’t call.

Remember, customers, are looking for information before they commit to a purchase. If they don’t find relevant information on your website, they are going to switch to another business that’s generous enough to share their detailed business plan, as a way to build trust.

 –           Lack the Vision for Target Audience

There was no effort to locate and entice target audience. Across the website, I was unable to understand whom they were trying to target.

As I found later, the company was more inclined towards targeting startups and SMEs and their main catch were a local presence and affordable pricing.

This is a big mistake. There is no concept of online business without adequately relating to the target market. When a customer lands on your website, he/she needs to relate to the business. They should know that you are actually taking them as the potential customers and not just generalizing your services.

–           Business Differentiation

Another fatal mistake made by the company was the lack of business differentiation. There were nil efforts made to project the differentiation offered by the business.

Again as I later found, the business was offering more than mere development services including digital marketing and web designing, which makes them a complete online business solution provider. However, they somehow just forget to boost their other expertise and decided to project as mere web development business, which again generalizes their approach.

When you are competing with hundreds and thousands of competitors. You need to add value to your business by creating a business differentiation, which makes you stand a little taller against the competitors.

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